Scientificvacancies is a global network focusing on jobs in science and research. Since 2008, we have helped various research institutes and universities to find staff.

Through our advertising solution, you as an employer have the opportunity to reach out to candidates who possess the expertise you are looking for and we do this globally.

Our work

Our way to do it

Since we have worked with this since 2008, we have found a working model that makes it possible for us to reach specific target groups that may otherwise be difficult to reach. We have marketing managers who make sure that the ad is visible to your target group. In addition, we also have a network where people from all over the world have chosen to put in a job monitoring, with the monitoring they get information about the job immediately when the ad is published on Scientificvacancies. In addition to this, we work actively with social media and have the opportunity to track potential candidates via their interests and qualifications.

For employers

Why should you use Scientific Vacancies as an employer?

We have worked with universities and research institutes in 48 countries and have thereby gained a great deal of experience about what is required for different types of jobs in different countries. With our network, you not only increase your exposure and you also increase your chances of finding the right candidate.

For employees

Why should you, as a job seeker, apply for a job at Scientificvacancies?

We want you as a jobseeker to be able to find your next job as easily as possible. We have worked with universities and research institutes in 48 countries, this means that you as a jobseeker get many exciting proposals from jobs all over the world. As a candidate, you will receive an email with information about the job that fits into your profile the same minute as they are published with us at Scientificvacancies.

🡢 Analysis

We identify the skills you are looking for based on your job advertisement / requirements profile

🡢 Advertising

We advertise your service on selected channels and target it to the desired target group.

🡢 Follow-up

The process ends with a review of the announcement and the outcome.

What package suits you?

Our Story is part of HR Group Nordic Ab. HR Group Nordic is the owner of one of Europe’s fastest growing networks focusing on career and education. Each month, thousands of applicants use our sites to find a new job in order to develop their careers but also to find the right training. We will guide applicants on their way to their next goal and employers with training or in their search for new employees / students. We focus on your future, “You are The Future”.

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