Professor in Energy Engineering, Specialisation Solar Energy

Dalarna University
juli 6, 2021
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Since the mid-1980s, Dalarna University has been actively involved in research in the area of solar energy, one of the university’s first research environments. Currently, solar energy research forms part of the research environment Resource Efficient Built Environment, which has 15 post-graduate researchers and 15 doctoral students. We maintain a broad research network, both national and international, and our research projects feature comprehensive collaboration with businesses and organisations. The interdisciplinary composition of the research environment makes for a dynamic workplace, where perspectives, in efforts to achieve sustainability within society, are multifaceted in terms of issues relating to energy, climate and resources predominantly within the built environment.

Subject Field
The primary specialisation of our solar energy research is systems research as a way to study the role of solar energy in the energy system within built environments. This connects with the two other research areas Resource Efficient Buildings and Sustainable Urban Built Environment in various research projects. Our research is applied and by way of the various forms of collaboration with external actors, the purpose is to contribute with knowledge in the transition to sustainable energy systems. The research is problem-oriented, meaning it involves a broad base of knowledge and methodology on which to solve system issues that also encompass both social and economical issues. As such, many of the research projects are examples of multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary collaboration with the University’s other research environments and research groups both nationally and internationally.

The research environment Resource Efficient Built Environment is a cohesive academic environment for both research and education. The programmes that Dalarna University offers within the field of energy engineering are as follows: Bachelor’s Programme in Sustainable Energy Systems; Master’s Programme in Solar Energy Engineering (one-year and two-year); and Master’s Programme in Energy-Efficient Built Environment. The research environment includes also two other subject fields, namely Construction Engineering and Urban Planning, which offer the Bachelor’s Programme in Engineering in Construction and the Bachelor’s Programme in Construction and Urban Planning.

Duties and Responsibilities
As professor at Dalarna University, you will be a driving force behind the development of the scientific basis of the research environment. This will involve applications for external research funding that will allow for the recruitment of doctoral students and postdoctoral researchers, and that will provide opportunity for postdoctoral researchers to work on research projects. The position will also involve the development of our educational programmes and courses with ties to research. You will teach courses at all levels and will be in charge of one or two courses at the third-cycle (doctoral) level. You will also act as examiner and supervise degree projects. Central to the position are the supervision of doctoral students as well as general active involvement in the research environment of the doctoral students. As professor, you will be expected to run as a candidate for positions on the university’s various boards and committees as a way to contribute towards the overall development of the organisation. Collaboration has a pivotal role in the research environment, and as Professor in Energy Engineering, you will build networks and work together in the field of research with society at large at the regional, national and international levels.


Will the successful candidate be you?
According to the Higher Education Ordinance, Chapter 4, Section 3, a person who has demonstrated both scientific and teaching expertise shall be qualified for employment as a professor, and this is determined in accordance with the criteria set in Dalarna University’s Anställningsordning. 

For this position, you are required to hold a doctoral degree in Engineering or the Natural Sciences, with a thesis in the field of Energy.

Upon assessment of scientific expertise, special focus will be on the following:

  • Good level, national and international, as researcher
  • The relevance of your research in relation to the position
  • Established independence and innovation capabilities as researcher
  • The extent of the research, as demonstrated by national and international publications
  • Experience as opponent/member of an examining committee, expert and referee
  • As person in charge, applied for and been granted national and/or international research funding

Upon assessment of teaching expertise, special focus will be on the following:

  • The ability to provide the best conditions for student learning as well as the ability to instil enthusiasm for and interest in the subject
  • Experience as supervisor for doctoral studies up to the defence of the thesis
  • Experience teaching at the undergraduate, master’s and doctoral level
  • Demonstrated teaching ability by way of varied involvement in education, such as planning, teaching, examination and assessment that helped in the development of educational activities and operations

We place a great deal of importance on teaching ability. As such, we expect you, as the successful applicant, to complete the higher education qualification högskolepedagogisk utbildning within two years of your date of employment, if it is the case that you do not already hold this qualification.

You will work a great deal in teams and collaborate with society at large. This requires that you are able both to work well with others and build strong relationships. Since the role carries with it a great deal of responsibility when it comes to organisational development, it is important that you are able to be strategic, to take the initiative and to take responsibility. You also need to possess leadership qualities as you will be a person who leads by promoting commitment and participation in others. You must have the ability to communicate well in English, both written and spoken. The ability to communicate well in Swedish, both written and spoken, will be considered an asset. Swedish is the official language of Dalarna University and therefore the successful applicant will be expected to be able to communicate in Swedish within three years from the date of employment. A certain level of support can be offered. To fulfil the requirements of the position, you will be expected to be physically present at the university.

This position also requires that you have:

- published work of high scientific quality in the recent past (i.e., the last three years) with major contributions in studies on solar energy in energy systems in built environments

- demonstrated an ability to significantly contribute to solar energy research in large international research collaboration contexts with a focus on energy system research

- proven ability to expand and lead a research group

- proven ability to work with companies or other organisations in practice-based research projects

- a broad contact network for collaboration within the energy sector

It will be considered an asset if you have:

- sought and secured research funding in large international constellations, such as the EU Framework Programmes

- training in teaching within higher education (högskolepedagogisk utbildning)

Selection Criteria
Dalarna University will conduct a qualitative overall assessment of scientific and teaching expertise and of other qualifications that are relevant for this position to determine which candidate is best suited to complete the work duties successfully.

As much attention will be given to the assessment of teaching expertise as to the assessment of research expertise, in accordance with chapter 4 of the Higher Education Ordinance. For further reading, please see Dalarna University’s Anställningsordning. Documentation that you submit with your application will be reviewed by experts.

Terms of Employment
This is a permanent full-time (100 %) position, with a start date in the autumn of 2021, or January 2022 at the latest. Dalarna University has campuses in two towns, Borlänge and Falun. This position will be stationed in Borlänge, but you may on occasion be required to work in Falun.

Other Information
Dalarna University strives to be an inclusive workplace that promotes equal opportunities. We value the qualities that diversity adds to the business, and we use skills-based methodology throughout the recruitment process.

Should this recruitment process take longer than expected, a substitute will be employed until a candidate is selected. Selection will be made from the applicants to the position. Please indicate in your application whether the position of substitute would be of interest to you.

Your application must include

  • CV
  • Cover letter
  • Certification of qualifications
  • List of publications
  • Five relevant pieces of most referenced work
  • Written summary of academic, scientific and artistic experience
  • References
  • Teaching qualifications must be presented in accordance with the template used by Dalarna University: see Teaching Positions: Application Information 

After the final date for applications, you can complement your application with the scientific publications that you cannot send electronically. Contact Human Resources at, addressed to Tina Nordin, HR-administrator, before the final date of application.

Application documentation will be reviewed by an expert in the field.

Final Day of Application
Submit your application online on our website by the deadline April 15, 2021.

In case of discrepancy between the Swedish original and the English translation of the job announcement, the Swedish version takes precedence.

Contact persons
Astrid Alnås-Widén
+46 (0)23-77 88 93
Ewa Wäckelgård
Professor (research leader)
+46 (0)70-167 91 01

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